Thursday, 17 November 2011

Some Musical Musings

Sometimes I wonder about how pairings, or groupings, actually come about.

Take Metallica with Lou Reed for example.In my youth I would have thought that it would have been entertaining to come up with some 'imaginative' pairings as well. A few of us went around in downtown London ON thinking of groups and pairings that would have been interesting to see. Some that we thought of..only to discover did happen..were John Lee Hooker with The Groundhogs(T.S.McPhees' band), Ramones with Lemmy,  and now Lou Reed and Metallica.

I am willing to bet that we are going to see some fascinating scenarios fall out of the woodwork because of this. What is next?  Leonard Cohen with Motorhead? Britney Spears with Gorgorath? Justin Beiber with, oh, say Wu Tang? Think genres are getting mixed now..wait until some of those pairings start cropping up.

On to another musing.

What I am also thinking about is how one sets about their songwriting. Me? I'm either working the lyric thing first or my riffing thing...of course, then I get lost in both of these...and nothing comes about.
It is the same with my workflow on my DAW, I'm always coming up with some kind of flummox that leaves me asking myself whether I really know what I am doing...don't answer that! LOL!!

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