Saturday, 5 November 2011


So, about those truck weigh scales...

A couple of prototype style photos I took that show their construction and their placing.

 This first picture was taken in Woodstock ON's Purina Mills site...the staging area is rather crowded at this place hence my photgraphing here was a bit tricky to say the least. In this shot notice the weigh scale shed. Seems to be nothing more than a leanto affair
In Beachville ON's Carmeuse site the weigh scales are actually sited right out in the open...and quite white with limestone in this case...At this site there are two of coming in..which weighs the empty trucks coming in and the other on the way out..which, of course, weighs the total weight of the truck..fully loaded.

In my Exceda mill site I will be having two of these, one coming in and one leaving..but in the other order..grain coming in is weighed coming in and when leaving empty.

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