Thursday, 27 October 2011

OK...First Time For Anything.

I've done a few things around trains and music..namely my Emerald, Leemer & Southern Route. An N scale model railroad that is currently being built in a 10' by 16' room in my basement. I have been having a few operating sessions on it with a couple of friends who are pitching in to help this little one as he has a few medical issues that sort of keep me in line, so to speak.

My musical interests also keep me pretty busy..learning a new DAW( digital  audio workstation). I'm finding all kinds of neat things about recording my work in my own room down here as well...such as need more sound treatments and an isolation box for vocals.

What is an isolation box? Funny you should ask. In my case I found that using 4 inch foam 6 feet square makes a perfect cube shape to keep vocals from getting mucked up with extra background blocks sounds as it were.

Over the next little while, while my health remains with me (mmmm..that doesn't quite work...), I'll be posting about my discoveries and some other curious things I've come sound and trains.

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